Custom Molding


Make a sweet impression on your customers and clients with a custom mold.  We generally do 3 sizes, a business card, a 4.25 x 4.25 plaque and a 3.5 x 6.5 plaque sizes but can do others if you don’t see what you like here.  The price of a custom mold is $300 for the business card, square plaque and 1/2 lb plaque.  Larger sizes require a quote.  This is a one-time fee, we keep the mold here and you can reorder as you wish.  There are no minimums.  Molds can be made in milk or dark chocolate; you can also do some of each.  It generally takes 1-2 weeks to have the mold made.  Once the mold is in house the chocolates are ready in about two weeks.  To make a mold we need a .jpg or .gif of your logo.  There is a fee if the artwork has to be adjusted.  Generally, the less small detail the better. 
                                              Business Card Molds                                                       The business card is our most popular size; it is the size of a standard business card.  The boxes have a clear window on the front and slits in the back where you can insert a business card.  The boxes come in white, silver, red or gold as shown here.  Business cards are $2.50 each.

The 4.25” x 4” plaque comes in a box with a brown base, gold insert and clear cover.  It is 5 oz of chocolate.  The plaques are $8.25 each.


The 3.5” x 6.5” plaque is ½ lb of chocolate.  They come in a box with a white base and burgundy color, with a clear oval window or solid.  These are $9.95 each.


To order any of our molds please give us a call at 800-834-3123.  Artwork can be emailed to